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This website was created by Dave Curry whose father, Thomas Curry, was Killed In Action in Gey on December 10, 1944. The website contains information about the 83rd Infantry Division and its members, with a focus on Company F, 331st Infantry Regiment. A very interesting feature on this website is the 83rd Message board.

This website was created by Thijs Hodiamont, an 83rd Division enthusiast from the Netherlands. As the title suggests this mainly consists of official documents related to the 83rd Infantry Division and its subordinate units such as Morning Reports, After Action Reports, etc. Next to this extensive online 'archive' the website also features a database of all 83rd servicemembers that have their final resting place overseas. This all makes this website a wonderful research tool.

This website was created by the webmaster. Together with my dad, this is a personal project to honor the WW2 veterans I have met and to show my collection. Since it has evolved and today a lot of focus lies with the 83rd Infantry Division. Interesting features are my online Thunderbolt collection and the biographies of the Men of the 83rd.
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