As part of the 83rd family, you’re invited to join the 83rd Infantry Division Association. Our mission is to build on the camaraderie first developed among the members of the 83rd Infantry Division and attached units during World War II by bringing these veterans together at an annual reunion and through the Association magazine, the Thunderbolt; by expanding the Association’s membership to include relatives and friends of the 83rd; by honoring all those who served in the 83rd and attached units, living and deceased; and by preserving and promoting the 83rd's historical legacy for all.

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Did you know, the 83rd Infantry...

  • landed at Omaha Beach soon after D day, relieving elements of the 101st Airborne on June 26th, 1944.
  • fought through the hedgerows of Normandy
  • engaged in the battle for St. Malo and the Citadel
  •  fought through Brittany, the Loire Valley, Luxembourg, the Hurtgen Forest, and the Ardennes, entering the Battle of the Bulge on December 27, 1944. 
  • crossed the Rhine, liberated Langentstien concentration camp, a subcamp of Buchenwald,  and gave the Allies the only permanent bridgehead across the Elbe.  As part of  Patton’s 3rd Army, the 83rd moved so fast, “borrowing” anything on wheels that Cornelius’ Ryan’s book, The Last Battle, referred to the 83rd as the “Rag Tag Circus.” 
  • had 270 days of contact with the enemy from June 1944 at Omaha Beach to the meeting of the Russians in April 1945 and suffered over 15,000 casualties, including 2,850 KIA
  •  was earlier nicknamed “Ohio” based on the division's insignia (which includes the name "Ohio," where the division was raised during World War I). Its new nickname, the "Thunderbolt" division, resulted from a division-wide contest held in early 1945 to find a name representing the nationwide origins of its members during World War II.
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